Escort services are pretty common today and around 40% of the men have paid for it around the world. Also, this data cannot be taken as complete because many men would have refused to accept that they have taken the service due to the fear of getting questioned by their society. Men especially hear from their wives on coming home late as the wives suspect their husbands to be doing something why they do not know about. Finding out that their husband has been with another woman is the toughest pill a wife can swallow. But having multiple sexual partners is in the nature of an alpha male, and the reason that they want to maintain their relationship with their wives while they secretly meet other women is something they do out of courtesy as they cannot fight their nature.

Even the escorts are pretty serious about their profession and have no interest in their client’s personal life. Most of the clients are either married or are in a relationship which might or might not be working great. But this has nothing to do with what escorts want which is simply money. Wives have nothing to fear from escorts and here are the reasons why.

Escorts do not fall in love

Escorts keep it their priority to attend their clients professionally. There is nothing in their head which makes them fall in love with their clients. Even if your husband falls in love with an escort, the escort will make sure that the man comes back to his senses and avoid such disasters for the three of you.

Escorts keep their lives private

Escorts also do not share their private lives with their clients as they do not like to mix their profession with their life. Even if your husband tries to find out more about the escort, she will refuse to share any private information. They are professionally inclined to manage such situations, and in worst cases of their private life being approached, they leave the client for good.

Escorts will not marry your husband

Escorts earn way more money every week than your husband can offer them for their life. There is no reason why an escort will leave her profession, where she is earning independently, to marry a man and be bounded from freedom. The bigger threat to your marriage is anyone other than the escorts that you husband meets in his office or outside. Escorts are all about their business and none about breaking your marriage.

Escort sex is different

If you feel your sex life is in danger, the escorts have nothing to do with it. With time the marriage sex becomes comfortable and predictable,f which sometimes makes the sex boring. It is important to put efforts from your side as well to keep things spiced up, instead of blaming your husband for going out. Also, marital sex is a different thing which a good husband will always value and be gentle on the bed with his fantasies. In a way, the escorts are actually heling you by fulfilling the fetishes of your husband, so you do not have to deal with his weird demands.